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Dynamic Applications

Developer:Dynamic Applications
Developer ID:09667b19
Join:Nov 12.2016
Location:Helpuper Str. 314a, 33818 Leopoldshoehe
Phone:+49 5202 9177 – 928
Dynamic Applications is a Strategy Advisory founded 01 Jan 2016 by an independent strategy consultant: Martin Bernhardt. A widely unknown, small inventor, software developer, and author of this article. It should not be important who i am.

At Dynamic Applications, we support people in learning management decisions. Our calculators are based on System Dynamics. This method was developed at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and became popular through the Club of Rome's study Limits to Growth, back in 1978.
Social media
Windows software
IoT DeveloperIoT Developer
This Dynamic Application allows you to input the Cost of up to 10 Materials, Energy, your Production Time, your SocialMedia Followers, google-driven Website Visitors, Tax Rates, and Sales ...
Jun 19.2017Free Education
Predicted DesirePredicted Desire
Predicted Desire is our emerging, universal platform for Startup Product calculations. Based on Dynamic System Theory, all Target Results we forecast will exactly occur as long as you ...
Nov 12.2016Free Education
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