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Developer ID:f685278b
Join:Dec 05.2018
Location:Austin, TX
My name is Alex Reyes and I am an Arizona native. I grew up and lived in Arizona until 2018 in which I moved to Texas for a Software Development job. Since 2018 I have lived in Texas where I work my day job, while doing game dev work on the side.

All my life I have been interested in game dev and have wanted to create video games for a living. It wasn't until I graduated college that I began taking this endeavor seriously and started building up my portfolio to better prepare me for game dev jobs. In August of 2018 I landed my first contract job with a small studio in Canada in which I developed a facebook game from scratch.

In my spare time I enjoy writing music and developing personal game dev projects. I spend almost every free moment working towards becoming a full time game developer and will not stop until that goal is reached. In pursuit of building up my Gentoo Games/Gentoo Indie Dev brand, I have created a youtube channel where I help educate new game developers to improve their skills and built up a small asset store on itch. You can follow me on twitter or reach out to me through email for any questions or inquiries. I'll see you all at GDC.
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