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Programmer Cheema

Developer:Programmer Cheema
Developer ID:508c7ccd
Join:Dec 18.2018
Location:Islamabad, Pakistan
I, Bilal Cheema, am a future doctor. I am creative in nature. I have some dreams associated with myself being creative. Of all of them, the biggest is to invent something that the world had never seen before. I love stories, not to read them, but to make one myself. And then, this story-making thing evolves to something that might be called as interactive story-making which is just an idea. Fortunately, I played some of such stories.

They are called RPGs (Role Playing Games) in which you are someone and you play that someones story. Now, it is my dream to create an RPG. But it is far way more complex then I expected. And what? Does that mean that I failed? No. Never. I am a tuff guy for my dream invaders. And so I learned something called as programming.

This is the only way that I found to do what I want. The control over every single element of my RPG. I learned Java, then, HTML along with CSS and JavaScript, and at last, the giant C++. C++ is the most fascinating language that I have learned. But I still found things to be way more complex
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Dec 18.2018Free Action
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