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Van Loo Software(tm)

Developer:Van Loo Software(tm)
Developer ID:535be10e
Join:Dec 11.2017
My brother and I created our website with a single purpose in mind... to provide computer-users with free quality office software and applications without any restrictions attached. Our main philosophy 'Pure Visual Simplicity' is the bases of all our software creations and design masterpieces. We specialise in software that is profoundly useful, pleasing to the eyes, and efficient to run on any computer system without any restrictive technologies.

Our applications have the smallest system footprint possible and consume almost no resources, making them the fastest running software available. We have no trial versions present, no recurring service or subscription fees for anyone to pay, and no registration of personal information is necessary. There is also no need for Java or DotNet on your computer...
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Windows software
SSuite Ex-Lex Office ProSSuite Ex-Lex Office Pro
This office suite contains all the necessary software applications to get anyone started immediately... from a hard working student, the casual home user, to even an office worker on a ...
Feb 21.2018Free Office
SSuite Axcel Professional SpreadsheetSSuite Axcel Professional Spreadsheet
This powerful and professional spreadsheet has all the tools you need to calculate, analyse, summarise, and present your data in numerical reports or colourful graphics. A fully-integrated ...
Feb 06.2018Free Office
SSuite Envelope PrinterSSuite Envelope Printer
If you are the kind of person who usually prepares and sends greeting cards to friends and family, then you are likely to need a tool to help you manage contacts and print out ...
Dec 17.2017Free Office
SSuite OmegaOffice HD+SSuite OmegaOffice HD+
SSuite OmegaOffice HD was created for the professional and discerning computer user. The application interfaces have been enlarged to view the functions, features, and menu structures for ...
Dec 13.2017Free Office
SSuite UltraCam Video PhoneSSuite UltraCam Video Phone
SSuite UltraCam Video Phone was designed to be a server-less communicator for use within any LAN or Wi-Fi network. It is also able to create a private and secure peer-to-peer contact which ...
Dec 13.2017Free Internet
SSuite CleverNote PIMSSuite CleverNote PIM
SSuite CleverNote PIM is a comprehensive application that includes an intuitive working environment for managing notes, ideas, lists and events into one place. It comes in handy for ...
Dec 11.2017Free Office
SSuite NetVine LAN SuiteSSuite NetVine LAN Suite
This revolutionary new software application is the first ever to embrace true stand-alone communications processing in a local area networking environment that includes LAN and Wi-Fi. This ...
Dec 11.2017Free Network
SSuite Office Lemon JuiceSSuite Office Lemon Juice
It contains all the necessary software applications to get anyone started immediately... from a loan burdened student, an office worker on a budget, to even the casual home user... The ...
Dec 11.2017Free Office
SSuite NoteBook EditorSSuite NoteBook Editor
SSuite NoteBook editor has all the functionality to start you on writing that important novel, short-story or article, with enough bells and whistles to help out. It also includes all the ...
Dec 11.2017Free Office
SSuite Office Tetris 2DSSuite Office Tetris 2D
SSuite Office Tetris 2D are game pieces shaped like tetrominoes, geometric shapes composed of four square blocks each. A random sequence of Tetris blocks fall down the playing field (a ...
Dec 15.2017Free Puzzle