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Super Trader 64

Dec 06.2017 / strategy
Your goal is to keep trading items around until you get enough Yarn or Tennis Balls required to trade for the chocolate that you need.New trading items are gradually introduced to the trading cycle, so it may take a while before any Yarn or Tennis Balls appear.

To complete a trade, simply pick up items from your bag and drop them in the traders paw. Items that you drop on the ground or that you give the trader will return to you if the trade is not completed successfully. If at any point you wish to pick up dropped items, simply press the Sweep button. You can also shuffle the items around in your bag by pressing the Shuffle button.

A timer activates when you are in a trade that gives you sixty seconds to complete the active trade. If you leave the trade, the timer will pause, but will continue once you return to the trade.

If you fail to complete a trade on time, the trader will lose their patience and will request a different set of items. If you fail a second time, they will require 2 minutes to cool off before requesting again. If a trade is successful, you will be rewarded with new items and this specific trader will take a little time before requesting a new trade.
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Keyboard + Mouse:

WASD or Arrow Keys to move
[ and ] or LMB and RMB to rotate the camera (while exploring)
Space to interact (while exploring)
E to open and close your bag
Mouse to control the hand (while trading)
Space to sweep (while trading)
LMB to pickup and drop (while trading) [+ Hold down LMB to leave hand down in the bag]
RMB to shuffle (while trading)
Q to quit the game (while viewing your bag)

* Left Analog Stick to move
* Shoulder Buttons or L1/R1 or Left/Right D-Pad to rotate the camera (while exploring)
* A (Xbox) or Cross (Dualshock 4) to interact (while exploring)
* B (Xbox) or Circle (Dualoshock 4) or Start/Options/Pause/Menu to open and close your bag
* Left Analog Stick to control the hand (while trading)
* Y (Xbox) or Triangle (Dualshock 4) to sweep (while trading)
* A (Xbox) or Cross (Dualshock 4) to pickup and drop (while trading) [+ Hold down button to leave hand down in the bag]
* X (Xbox) or Square (Dualshock 4) to shuffle (while trading)
* Q to quit the game (while viewing your bag) [Keyboard Only]
Screenshots Super Trader 64
Super Trader 64 screenshot 1Super Trader 64 screenshot 2Super Trader 64 screenshot 3Super Trader 64 screenshot 4

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File size:
Wild Gamut
1.0.1 : dec 06.2017
windows / mac
17 MB

Super Trader 64 by Wild Gamut
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