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Easy Cut Studio for Mac

Jul 20.2018 / graphic / editors
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Easy Cut Studio is a simple yet powerful software - not only it allows you to cut TrueType and OpenType fonts installed in the computer, but you can also import vector graphics in various formats (such as SVG, PDF, EPS, AI, WPC, DXF, PLT).

You may then edit or cut the graphics. Easy Cut Studio will edit and cut its forms easier than with any other Cutting software. Not just that, there is also the feature of image tracing utility which allows automatic conversion of images into cuttable vector graphics. You may even create your own shape with the suite of powerful drawing tools that comes with the software. The software has a built-in library which features hundreds of preset shapes and available fonts for your design needs.

In addition, the software provides a range of advanced features such as welding shapes together, work with layers, creating rhinestone templates, creating shadow mats, applying various effects (3D Rotate, Bulge, Canned, Lattice, Rhinestones, Shadow Layer, Title Crawl, Wave, Wrapper) to the design, real-time laser cutting previews, and many other amazing features that will make your work with your vinyl cutter and artwork faster, easier and more efficient.
* Cut font files already installed on your Windows or Mac.
* Node editing
* Convert text to outlines/paths.
* Place text or objects on bezier paths.
* Text on arch tool and text on path tool.
* Create shadowed mat effects.
* Layout and special effects for your texts and shapes.
* Stencil function for bridging interior shapes.
* Multi-color gradient fill function with linear and radial options.
* WYSIWYC Interface - What you see is what you cut.
* Option to cut only selected objects.
* Support USB connection, serial (COM), parallel.
* Choose from over 250 pre-made shapes from the built-in library.
* Mirror or flip images before cutting.
* Scan images directly into the software.
* Generate jigsaw puzzles with full control.
Versions Easy Cut Studio for Mac
ver: 4.10.5 / Jul 20.2018
ver: 4.1.03 / May 23.2018
ver: 4.10.1 / Dec 22.2017
ver: 4.1.01 / Dec 27.2016
Screenshots Easy Cut Studio for Mac
Easy Cut Studio for Mac screenshot 1 Easy Cut Studio for MacEasy Cut Studio for Mac screenshot 2 Easy Cut Studio for MacEasy Cut Studio for Mac screenshot 3 Easy Cut Studio for MacEasy Cut Studio for Mac screenshot 4 Easy Cut Studio for Mac
rating vote

It works perfectly and began to make my cuts from my MacBook Pro. The software helped me create exactly what I wanted! It is easy to use and you can cut any graphic in SVG format. I am New to the paper crafting world but I am so glad that I incorporated this vinyl cutter software into my creative flow.
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Graphic / Editors
4.10.5 : jul 20.2018
10.11 / 10.12 / 10.13

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