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mac / internet / sharing / Dec 24.2017
Peerio unifies all team communication into a private and productive workspace. Real time collaboration and secure cloud storage. Always with true end-to-end encryption.

Peerio unifies your teams communication into one secure app. Its a virtual workplace for everyone to share projects, ideas, updates, and even a few jokes!
* Collaborate across departments and around the globe. Have private or group discussions with unparalleled efficiency and productivity
* Organize and share files and documents with Peerio secure storage. With Peerios true end-to-end encryption by default, you will never have to worry again.
* Peerio Rooms connects team members around specific discussion topics. You can create permanent Rooms for each department in your organization and temporary Rooms for short term projects.

Everything shared inside a Room is fully end-to-end encrypted. Rooms are a safe space for your team members to unleash new ideas and make unexpected contributions.
* Create a Room, give it a name, set a purpose. Its that easy.
* Room creators can easily add or delete members and assign admin privileges to other members.
* Share end-to-end encrypted files of any size with other participants in the Room.
* Use @ mentions in a Room to catch someones attention.
* See all read receipts at a glance to keep up to date with the discussion flow.

Peerio includes a secure cloud storage space for everything that you upload or receive from other people. Upload a file of any size and its instantly end-to-end encrypted.
* Search and organize files by folder, Room, or sender.
* Retrieve and delete files that you regret sending. We all make mistakes!
* Did we mention unlimited file sizes? We tested to 7TB, but know we can do more.
Versions Peerio for Mac
ver: 2.106.1 : Dec 24.2017
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Peerio for Mac screenshot 1 Peerio for MacPeerio for Mac screenshot 2 Peerio for MacPeerio for Mac screenshot 3 Peerio for MacPeerio for Mac screenshot 4 Peerio for Mac
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2.106.1 : dec 24.2017

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