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SoapUI for Mac

mac / internet / server / Dec 06.2017
For REST, SOAP and other popular API and IoT protocols, SoapUI Pro provides the industrys most comprehensive and easy-to-learn functional testing capabilities. Based on open core technology proven by millions of community members, SoapUI Pro helps you ensure that your APIs perform as intended, meet your business requirements, timeframes, and team skill sets right from day one.

The first essential piece of API readiness is making sure that your API does what it is supposed to do and returns the data its expected to return. With SoapUI Pro, you can:

* Create tests directly from Swagger, Open API Specifiation (OAS) 3.0 and other popular API description formats
* Analyze your functional test coverage to know what youre missing
* Run ad-hoc tests without having to maintain temporary API client code
* Use the command-line to hook your tests to your build system
* Quickly flip between multiple environments: development, testing, staging, etc.
* Test REST, SOAP, and other protocols in a single, unified framework

Look, the world is a complicated place. Sometimes your APIs are too. Thats why with SoapUI Pro, weve made it as easy as possible to create test scenarios by providing design tools that use point-and-click shortcuts to simplify advanced functionality down to a few clicks.

* Import API descriptions like Swagger, OAS 3.0 and others to rapidly build out API tests
* Record API calls based on real-world web and mobile apps using API discovery
* Use property transfer to extract data from one response for use in a later request
* Avoid complex scripting by building XPath and/or JSON-Path statements graphically
Versions soapUI for Mac
ver: 5.4.0 / Dec 06.2017
Screenshots soapUI for Mac
soapUI for Mac screenshot 1 soapUI for MacsoapUI for Mac screenshot 2 soapUI for MacsoapUI for Mac screenshot 3 soapUI for MacsoapUI for Mac screenshot 4 soapUI for Mac
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