CloudMounter for Mac for Mac
CloudMounter for MacCloudMounter for Mac
CloudMounter is a must-have tool for laptop users with low-capacity SSD-drives. You can easily mount most popular clouds as disks without having to download online files on the hard drive. As well as secure cloud files with data encryption. Choose one of ...
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Synqion for Mac
Do you have data that you need to share with others in complete privacy? Our zero ...
Mar 31.2018Free
Joplin for Mac
Joplin is a free, open source note taking and to-do application, which can handle a large ...
Feb 28.2018Free
Only CrashPlan offers local and online backup that's automatic, secure, and ...
Jun 21.2017Free
Safe In Cloud for Mac
Keep your passwords and other private info safe and secure in an encrypted database. All ...
Dec 10.2016Free
SAN Fusion
Work exactly as you would on an Avid Unity or ISIS using your existing shared storage ...
May 12.2016Free