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February 14.2019
Rompe is a platformer game were everything you touch breaks! it is a ...
Free Platformer
Archery Star
An interesting edition of archery 3D games is finally on Google play ...
Free Shooter
Negative Space
Negative Space explores this idea in a minimalistic greyscale 2D ...
Free Puzzle
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games for windowsYoukai Yashiki HD
This is a remake (a first level exactly) of old computer game, which we (me and my friend) made for a month.
Jan 10.2018Free Platformer
games for windows games for mac games for linuxTiny and Big: Up that ...
Tiny & Big: Up that Mountain is a free prototype released in March 2010, and the first thing ever made by the team that founded Black ...
Feb 14.2018Free Adventure
games for windowsSwitchShot
SwitchShot is a small student game which team Mooni worked on as part of our first-year game Development course in a group of eight. ...
Apr 08.2017Free Shooter
games for windowsSquiddish Skirmish
One controller, two players! Battle squids and build a raft to escape your prison, or blast ink to keep your captive on the ...
May 15.2017Free Action
games for windowsSpellfight
It's a game about fight of two wizards. Spellfight.Was written in two days, so the code is ugly, but the game is finished! You can ...
Oct 26.2016Free Platformer
games for windowsShortest Trip to Earth
Shortest Trip is a cozy top-down spaceship simulator (survival/roguelike) focusing on life inside the Mothership, adventuring in ...
Sep 07.2017Free Strategy
games for windows games for macRobot Factory
In Robot Factory you play as a robot who tries to escape from the factory where his model is built. Play through 4 levels that may ...
Oct 15.2017Free Action
games for windowsRoad Trip
This prototype was completed for a Game-A-Week class where we have to complete a game on a specific topic/ theme within the ...
Sep 02.2017Free Simulation
games for windowsRagtime Heist
Ragtime Heist is a turn-based stealth game based in the early 20th century. Sneak your way into enemy gangs warehouses, steal their ...
Nov 28.2018Free Strategy
games for windowsMind Ripple
This is a short, experimental, psychedelic platformer made by me (Lixian), the programmer, and my friend Gabriel Holtschlag, the ...
Feb 20.2018Free Platformer
games for windowsMeteor Strike
Meteor Strike is a small action game developed in Unity. The aim is to guard your neon net from the meteors by shooting as many ...
Jul 18.2017Free Strategy
games for windowsMazeon
A very short prototype puzzle game set in a dungeon setting. The untold story is that you control a skeleton king which has been ...
Jun 01.2017Free Puzzle
games for windowsKulkis
Kulkis were a tribe of simple beings - capable of interacting with their environment using just the power of mind their needs werent ...
Apr 13.2018Free Puzzle
games for windows games for mac games for linuxForgiveness
This game is free for your interpretation, but its main goal is to make you think. Everything you see here has at least two meanings. ...
Dec 31.2017Free Action