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December 18.2018
LyX for Linux
LyX is a document processor that encourages an approach to writing ...
Free Office tools
Shotcut for Linux
Shotcut is a new video editor I started working on almost a year ago. ...
Free Multimedia
FinalCrypt for Linux - ...
FinalCrypt a Java based file encryption program that offers a more ...
Free System
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VYM for Linux
Vym is a mind mapping program. It is useful to organize thoughts and do structure work. In addition to that it has a lot of helpful ...
Oct 28.2016Free Office tools
MSS Code Factory
MSS Code Factory is a model-to-source code manufacturing tool which captures a programmer's coding architecture and style through a ...
Mar 19.2016Free Programming
Heimer for Linux
Heimer is a desktop application for creating mind maps. Its written in Qt and targeted for Linux and Windows. Heimer is a simple ...
Aug 10.2018Free Utilities
A GUI to ease the process of producing a multipage PDF from a scan. gscan2pdf should work on almost any Linux/BSD machine.
Apr 16.2016Free Multimedia
Gravit Designer for Linux
Gravit designer is a free full-featured, vector design solution for product designers. Gravit designer provides a set of powerful ...
Oct 30.2018Free Multimedia
GLabels is a GNU/Linux program for creating labels and business cards. It is designed to work with various laser/ink-jet peel-off ...
May 16.2018Free Office tools