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March 08.2019
Coollector Movie Database ...
If you are looking for an application to organize your movie ...
Free Education
XnView MP for Mac
XnView MP is the enhanced version of XnView Classic. XnView MP is a ...
Free Graphic
Vivaldi for Mac
Are you a keyboard person? Then you're in luck. Quick Commands allow ...
Free Internet
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Together lets you keep everything in one place. Text, documents, images, movies, sounds, web pages and bookmarks can all be dragged to ...
Jul 20.2016Free Office
Task Coach for Mac
Task Coach is a simple open source to-do manager to keep track of personal tasks and to-do lists. Even the busiest people can use ...
Dec 07.2018Free Office
TagFlow for Mac
TagFlow is a file manager that allows you to organize, search, and share your files with intelligent and structured tags. Its ...
Mar 31.2017Free System
Swingdo makes managing your todos fun and intuitive. Your calendar, todos and mail all in seperate apps? Not anymore, with Swingdo ...
Jun 30.2016Free Office
Safe In Cloud for Mac
Keep your passwords and other private info safe and secure in an encrypted database. All your passwords will be always with you on ...
Dec 10.2016Free Internet
QOwnNotes for Mac
QOwnNotes is the open source (GPL) plain-text file notepad with markdown support and todo list manager for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and ...
Nov 14.2016Free Internet
Postman allows you to securely share, sync and collaborate on your APIs with Postman Cloud for teams.
Jun 07.2017Free Developer tools
My Data
My Data was developed to help you keep track of any Topic that can be described in four parameters. My Data is freeware. The ...
Aug 21.2016Free Developer tools
MediaElch for Mac
Your media manager for movies, tv shows, concerts and music. Included are scrapers for The Movie DB, The TV DB, Cinefacts, ...
Mar 22.2016Free System
MailMigration for Mac
MailMigration works with Mac OS X Mail 2 to migrate mailboxes and messages. MailMigration works with Mac OS X Mail 2 to migrate ...
May 14.2018Free Internet
Unify Your Brand. Everything your team needs to develop and maintain a visual language.
Aug 25.2017Free Graphic
KeeWeb for Mac
KeeWeb is a cross-platform password manager compatible with KeePass. This webapp is a browser and desktop password manager compatible ...
May 23.2017Free Office
Fork for Mac
Fork is getting better and better day after day and we are happy to share our results with you. Hit the button below to download the ...
Sep 26.2016Free Developer tools
Cyclonis Password ...
Stop worrying about forgetting your passwords. Cyclonis Password Manager stores and organizes your passwords and other data to help ...
Feb 15.2018Free System
CopyQ for Mac
CopyQ is advanced clipboard manager with searchable and editable history with support for image formats, command line control and ...
Oct 23.2017Free Graphic
Avast Passwords for Mac
With Avast Passwords all of your credentials are protected in a safe and straightforward desktop vault, the contents of which can be ...
May 24.2018Free System
Amethyst for Mac
Tiling window manager for OS X along the lines of xmonad and i3.
Aug 17.2016Free System