16 Mar.2018
Bloom - Prototype
The Grid
Virus Of Doom
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Bloom - PrototypenewBloom - Prototype
Everything you create in Bloom plays music. As you create and interact the ...
FREESimulation   platform windows   platform mac
The GridnewThe Grid
The Grid mix skillfully two types of games: Snake and Tron. Play with a ...
FREEAction   platform windows   platform mac
Virus Of DoomnewVirus Of Doom
This game was made in 1 day and a bit for the AAJam! You are the only hope ...
FREESelect   platform
Do Feed The BearsnewDo Feed The Bears
Have you ever found yourself looking to feel relaxed as you fed abear in the ...
FREEAdventure   platform windows
Deck QuestnewDeck Quest
Welcome to Deck Quest, a card-based, strategy rpg, with roguelite ...
FREERpg   platform windows
Bouncy FriendsnewBouncy Friends
Touch left and right the screen to move the ball and collect all the stars. Get ...
FREEPlatformer   platform windows   platform android
Chatters the SquirrelnewChatters the Squirrel
Chatters the Squirrel is a platform game inspired by classic platformers of the ...
FREEPlatformer   platform
Taco GunnewTaco Gun
In Taco Gun, you take on the role of a mexican pistolero; fighting with or ...
FREEShooter   platform windows
Signal StrengthnewSignal Strength
Signal Strength is a single player reflex game that uses only the mouse! Take ...
FREEStrategy   platform windows   platform mac
You are POLYBOT-7, the latest in a line of fully-modular robot designs being ...
FREEAction   platform windows
What dangers might befall you, what treasures you will find. What monsters ...
FREEStrategy   platform
Dread EndDread End
Dread End is a first person wave shooter set in a training facility using ...
FREEShooter   platform windows
The Lost SurakiThe Lost Suraki
Suraki, a sweet little fire spirit. and Nero, a goofy little water spirit are ...
FREEPuzzle   platform windows
JackQuest The Tale of The ...JackQuest The Tale of The Sword
A Great Adventure. JackQuest is a Action 2D Platform Game * Collect ...
FREEPlatformer   platform
Washed UpWashed Up
Zeke is a wondering rogue, seeking justice for his lost family. He was blown ...
FREERpg   platform windows
Crypt MayhemCrypt Mayhem
Cassie is a young girl whois taking care of her little brother when an evil ...
FREEPlatformer   platform windows
Vertical scroller space shooter with 80s themed atmosphere/musicand lots of ...
FREEShooter   platform windows
Forest BelowForest Below
Forest Below is a puzzle game developed by students for the University of Utah ...
FREEPuzzle   platform windows   platform android
The Otterman EmpireThe Otterman Empire
In the February update of The Otterman Empire we show off this months ...
FREEShooter   platform windows
Remis Flight 2013Remis Flight 2013
This is an infinite flier I made during mysenior year of highschool. You are a ...
FREEPlatformer   platform windows
Magnethead Construction ...Magnethead Construction Company
Slapstick comedy physics game where youre a magnet who has trouble letting go ...
FREESimulation   platform windows   platform mac   platform linux