16 Mar.2018
Bloom - Prototype
The Grid
Virus Of Doom
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Bouncy FriendsnewBouncy Friends
Touch left and right the screen to move the ball and collect all the stars. Get ...
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Chatters the SquirrelnewChatters the Squirrel
Chatters the Squirrel is a platform game inspired by classic platformers of the ...
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JackQuest The Tale of The ...JackQuest The Tale of The Sword
A Great Adventure. JackQuest is a Action 2D Platform Game * Collect ...
FREEPlatformer   platform
Crypt MayhemCrypt Mayhem
Cassie is a young girl whois taking care of her little brother when an evil ...
FREEPlatformer   platform windows
Remis Flight 2013Remis Flight 2013
This is an infinite flier I made during mysenior year of highschool. You are a ...
FREEPlatformer   platform windows
Guts Guns and Glory
Live by the Gun, Die by the Gun and never show mercy! Set in the near future ...
FREEPlatformer   platform windows
A Walk in the ParkA Walk in the Park
GigantaCorp is coming to take our park! Team up with an army of squirrels, a ...
FREEPlatformer   platform windows
Carolines JourneyCarolines Journey
Carolines Journey is an exploration and puzzle game for kids or kids at ...
FREEPlatformer   platform windows   platform mac   platform linux
Mind RippleMind Ripple
This is a short, experimental, psychedelic platformer made by me (Lixian), the ...
FREEPlatformer   platform windows
Leafy MoonLeafy Moon
In a strange planet, known as the leafy moon world, weird and dangerous things ...
FREEPlatformer   platform windows
The first few sections of Pendulis. If you find the screen shake uncomfortable, ...
FREEPlatformer   platform
Shroom EditorShroom Editor
The Shroom Project meets Mario Editor! The resistance is back, and this time, ...
FREEPlatformer   platform windows
Grotto is an atmospheric puzzle-platformer about delving deep into an ancient ...
FREEPlatformer   platform windows   platform mac
Static SignalStatic Signal
Its similar to Metroidvania games, only instead of unlocking new abilities as ...
FREEPlatformer   platform windows
Zappy Boys AdventureZappy Boys Adventure
In the theme of Transmission, you play as the eponymous Electrical Spirit, ...
FREEPlatformer   platform windows
This is a roguelike turnbase card game. Click Card to Select. Double ...
FREEPlatformer   platform windows
Big DriftsBig Drifts
This project was created by four programmers,James Owen,Lincoln Gardner,Louis ...
FREEPlatformer   platform windows
Sweet ToothSweet Tooth
Sweet toothGrab your friends and play this magical sweet chase in a 3-player ...
FREEPlatformer   platform windows
Fairly NudeFairly Nude
Fairly Nude is the only unoriginal Platformer you should play! Well, when it ...
FREEPlatformer   platform windows
The Top Hat ClubThe Top Hat Club
The Top Hat Club is a gentle platform game, made with a casual audience in ...
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Youkai Yashiki HDYoukai Yashiki HD
This is a remake (a first level exactly) of old computer game, which we (me and ...
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