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The Lost SurakiThe Lost Suraki
Suraki, a sweet little fire spirit. and Nero, a goofy little water spirit are ...
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Forest BelowForest Below
Forest Below is a puzzle game developed by students for the University of Utah ...
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Murder The ReaperMurder The Reaper
Murder The Reaper is an PC arcade game inspired by the nostalgic gaming styles ...
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SSuite Office Tetris 2DSSuite Office Tetris 2D
SSuite Office Tetris 2D are game pieces shaped like tetrominoes, geometric ...
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This game was made in 48 hs at the Global Game Jam 2018 and have a couple of ...
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Puzzle game, Sokoban style with extra elements for a better challenge to the ...
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It is your 147th day onboard the research station Plexarium and you are ...
FREEPuzzle   platform windows   platform linux
Bonding BadBonding Bad
Bonding Bad is a Spacechem-inspired puzzle game about binding atoms into ...
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Eist returnsEist returns
Eist returns is an arcade-puzzle game first written in 1992 for 8-bit Atari ...
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The tragedy of the situation is that while being one of the most valuable ...
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Orb ballOrb ball
You and your pal are abducted from extraterrestrial beings light years away. ...
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Who Stole My Crown?Who Stole My Crown?
The Prince mouse crown was stolen! The mouse in a mission to get it back from ...
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The Neverhood UE4The Neverhood UE4
As a launch project to get warmed up (and test myself), I decided to recreate a ...
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Mechanic 8320Mechanic 8320
Mechanic 8230 is an adventure game done in BGE. Become a free man in mysterious ...
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One of the last human survivors, you find yourself stranded on an uninhabited ...
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Ciel FledgeCiel Fledge
In the future, mankind lives on Arks in the sky ever since the planet surface ...
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Jack and CasieJack and Casie
Jack and Casie is an Inventory Action Game about the misadventures of Jack, a ...
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The PadreThe Padre
A Catholic priest blows his head off.... ..and you get control of this Demon ...
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Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot ...Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest
Imagine youre a talented and funny ships engineer, part of the crew of a ship ...
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Focus, Archer!Focus, Archer!
Focus, Archer! is an isometric puzzle with retro visuals reminescent from games ...
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Planet GPlanet G
Help Sheep and return nature to Planet G. Planet G is a puzzle game created ...
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