20 Feb.2018
Master PDF Editor for Linux
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Master PDF Editor for LinuxnewMaster PDF Editor for Linux
Master PDF Editor is straightforward, easy to use application for working with ...
FREEOffice tools / Text editors
Papyrus for LinuxPapyrus for Linux
Papyrus is a different note manager which is focusing on Security, Better user ...
FREEOffice tools / Text editors
Krop is a simple graphical tool to crop the pages of PDF files. It is written ...
FREEOffice tools / Text editors
FBReader for LinuxFBReader for Linux
Popular e-book reader for iPhone/iPad, Android, and other devices. Opens ePub, ...
FREEOffice tools / Text editors
TEA Ebook for LinuxTEA Ebook for Linux
TEA Ebook is a free and cross-platform EPUB and PDF reader with which you can ...
FREEOffice tools / Organizers
Tablao for LinuxTablao for Linux
Tablao is a cross-platform table editor with which you can easily create tables ...
FREEOffice tools / Text editors
KeyWrangler Password Manager is a lightweight tool that enables you to store ...
FREEOffice tools / Organizers
Nozbe for LinuxNozbe for Linux
Nozbe has been helping hundreds of thousands of busy professionals and ...
FREEOffice tools / Organizers
LibreOffice is a powerful office suite its clean interface and feature-rich ...
FREEOffice tools / Text editors
Manager for LinuxManager for Linux
Great software should work with little configuration and setup. Manager is ...
FREEOffice tools / Finance
Rom the main toolbar, you will be able to change the notebooks color (four ...
FREEOffice tools / Organizers
Gnumeric is a spreadsheet, a computer program used to manipulate and analyze ...
FREEOffice tools / Text editors
SABnzbd makes Usenet as simple and streamlined as possible by automating ...
FREEOffice tools / Organizers
GNOME BuilderGNOME Builder
Builder is a new IDE for GNOME that is focused on bringing the power of our ...
FREEOffice tools / Text editors
Vim is a professional text editor. It can be used to edit plain ASCII in a ...
FREEOffice tools / Text editors
As well as features found in standard text editing components, Scintilla ...
FREEOffice tools / Text editors
Calibre for LinuxCalibre for Linux
Calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application ...
FREEOffice tools / Text editors
VYM for LinuxVYM for Linux
Vym is a mind mapping program. It is useful to organize thoughts and do ...
FREEOffice tools / Organizers
LyX is a document processor that encourages an approach to writing based on the ...
FREEOffice tools / Text editors
ONLYOFFICE Desktop for LinuxONLYOFFICE Desktop for Linux
ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors is an office suite that combines text, spreadsheet, ...
FREEOffice tools / Text editors
XMind is an open source project, which means its free to download and free to ...
FREEOffice tools / Groupware