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If you want to setup your computer system again you need to have the licenses and serial numbers at hand for all the software programs that you have purchased...
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Sys minion
Aug 08.2017 / images [ 4 ]
I wrote this program to aid me in cleaning my driver repository folder, then I added several more utility commands. This program is a bunch of more or less...
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May 19.2017 / images [ 3 ]
BrowsingHistoryView is a utility that reads the history data of 4 different Web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari) and...
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Aug 03.2017 / images [ 4 ]
WinAudit is an inventory utility for Windows computers. It creates a comprehensive report on a machine's configuration, hardware and software. WinAudit is...
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Jul 06.2017 / images [ 4 ]
Speccy is the place to start if you need to know what's inside your PC. See a quick summary, or dive deeper into every aspect of your PCs hardware so you can...
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Shortcut Scanner
Jul 03.2017 / images [ 2 ]
Phrozen Software has researched two ways of exploiting Microsoft Windows shortcuts. One has been used by hackers in phishing campaigns already. The second was...
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MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe
Dec 10.2016 / images [ 4 ]
MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe is a full-featured alternative or replacement for the standard Windows Task Manager. The software enables you to view running...
FREEsystem / system info
Apr 15.2017 / images [ 4 ]
SysGauge is a free system and performance monitoring utility allowing one to monitor the CPU usage, memory usage, network transfer rate, operating system...
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SIV System Information Viewer
Jun 18.2017 / images [ 4 ]
SIV System Information Viewer is an advanced tool that provides in-depth information for various Windows, hardware and networking components, including CPU...
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May 18.2017 / images [ 4 ]
UninstallView is a tool for Windows that collects information about all programs installed on your system and displays the details of the installed programs in...
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Process Explorer
May 19.2017 / images [ 4 ]
Process Explorer shows you information about which handles and DLLs processes have opened or loaded. The Process Explorer display consists of two...
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Apr 30.2017 / images [ 2 ]
FullEventLogView is a simple tool displays a detailed list of all events from the Windows event logs, including the event description. You can optionally...
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Wise Auto Shutdown
Apr 15.2017 / images [ 2 ]
Wise Auto Shutdown enables you to set the PC to shut down, restart, power off, log off, sleep or hibernate on a regular basis or only once, at a specific time....
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LizardSystems Remote Shutdown
Apr 15.2017 / images [ 4 ]
Remote Shutdown was developed to help network administrators and IT specialists centrally manage power for computers and computer groups on a local area...
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Ultimate Settings Panel
Apr 06.2017 / video / images [ 4 ]
If you have any support issues or wish to leave us any feedback or ideas for future releases, simply leave us a comment below and we will get back to you as...
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