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Hetman Office Recovery

Oct 05.2016 / office / tools
Hetman Office Recovery is a fully featured heavy-duty document recovery suite enabling surefooted recovery from corrupted, inaccessible, formatted and inaccessible storage devices. From simple undelete to comprehensive all-disk recovery, Hetman Office Recovery is truly indispensable when you need to recover multiple documents as soon as possible.

The built-in pre-recovery document check guarantees successful recovery for all documents listed during the last step of the recovery wizard. The built-in integrity check ensures that only 100% valid, complete and non-corrupted documents ever appear on the list, relieving you from going through endless corrupted entries in order to find a single perfect document.

Compatible with Microsoft Office, Open Office and Adobe PDF formats, Hetman Office Recovery can recover DOC/DOCX, XLS/XLSX, ODS/ODT as well as PDF documents even if no file system is available on the disk. The tool implements a truly comprehensive approach to document recovery analyzing all available sources of information in order to locate every last document on the disk. Its ability to perform a full scan of the disk ensures that no single document can escape its attention.

Along with traditional file system analysis, Hetman Office Recovery implements content-aware signature search in Comprehensive Recovery Mode. In this mode, the tool reads the entire content of the disk one block after another in low-level mode.

Information read from the disk is matched against a database of recognized document formats. If a known file type is encountered, Hetman Office Recovery analyzes the header in order to determine the exact length of the file.

A secondary integrity check takes place in order to validate the document. Hetman Office Recovery implements a special mode for physically damaged devices, making a binary snapshot of the disk in one consecutive read operation. After that, the original hard drive is no longer needed.
Screenshots Hetman Office Recovery
Hetman Office Recovery screenshot 1 Hetman Office RecoveryHetman Office Recovery screenshot 2 Hetman Office RecoveryHetman Office Recovery screenshot 3 Hetman Office RecoveryHetman Office Recovery screenshot 4 Hetman Office Recovery
Video Hetman Office Recovery
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