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Lock PDF Wizard

Nov 16.2017 / office / pdf
Lock unlimited PDF file easily using Lock PDF Wizard. This PDF Encryption Software is capable of adding a password to PDF files easily. This PDF Locker Tool is capable to lock intact PDF data easily. Using this PDF Locker Wizard you can add a password to your PDF file. This Lock PDF Wizard features a number of eminent features to make the task to lock the PDF files easy. Using this stupendous PDF locker wizard you can password protect the Portable Document Data and prevent others from copying, editing or printing the PDF document data.

This tool features encryption of PDF data in batch eliminating the steps to lock the required PDF files one by one without any issue. In order to select the PDF files go to the source files option and click select files. You can choose single file or folder according to your need. To protect the PDF files from copying you need to choose the option of disabling content copying. Selecting this option will protect PDF from copying. Similarly in this way in order to protect PDF from printing and editing you need to select the appropriate options like disable printing and vice versa. After choosing the appropriate options press on Lock PDF.

To password protect PDF files using PDF Locker Wizard installation of Adobe Acrobat is not required. This PDF Locker tool is capable to lock PDF without installation of Adobe Acrobat, this tool only requires the files to lock the PDF. You will this PDF locker tool very easy to use as it features self-explanatory interference. PDF Locker is a sophisticated tool to lock the PDF files in seconds and most probably securely. You can check the out proficiency of PDF Locker tool using demo version which is capable to lock 25 KB PDF files easily. Download PDF Password Protect tool to lock PDF and secure the important data.
Versions Lock PDF Wizard
Nov 10.2017
version: 1.0
Screenshots Lock PDF Wizard
Lock PDF Wizard screenshot 1 Lock PDF Wizard
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