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Parallels HDD Recovery Wizard

Nov 06.2017 / system / recovery
The Parallels HDD Recovery Software recover files and folders from parallels .hdd, .hds, .pvm etc. virtual files and parallels Disk images. The software recover files from corrupt, damaged, un-mounted, un-opened, from PVM, HDD, HDS, files. By using this application users can easily recover deleted files and folders form any virtual disk image created by Parallels virtualization software. The Parallels software create virtual disk image in Mac and Windows OS system and sometimes the files are corrupted and un-opened in the parallels software panel then users need to recover the data from *.hdd, *.hds files with help of Parallels HDD recovery software. The HDD recovery software able to recover data from any *.hdd and *.hds files and work like converter, user easily convert *.hdd and *.hds files data into physical hard disk without any problem.

The Parallels recovery software provide four recovery modes for users can easily recover data from corrupt, inaccessible, un-mounted, *.hdd, *.hds, *.pvm files with these recovery modes, like deleted HDS recovery mode for recover data from corrupted HDS, HDD and PVM files without any supporting application required for conversion, formatted HDS recovery mode for recover data from formatted partitions and drive from HDD virtual machine, Partition HDS Recovery mode for recover data from deleted, damaged, lost and missing partitions, re-partitioning disk and drives, etc. HDD and HDS disk images files, Raw HDS Recovery for recover specific item and file type from any HDD, HDS files created by Parallels Virtualization software.

If you have unintentionally formatted a wrong drive. Then this utility will help you in getting back your lost data using formatted data recovery option and scan the complete formatted drive to restore all data from it. Sometimes there are also possibilities of Parallels virtual machines partitions corruption and then user will unable to see their crucial data in guest Operating System virtual machines. So, to retrieve data from such type of partition corruption you need partition data recovery mode available within the software. This utility allows users to view and recover data from Parallels virtual machine black screen errors which fails to start and boot. The Parallels Recovery tool supports all version of windows OS including latest windows 10 OS.
Versions Parallels HDD Recovery Wizard
Nov 06.2017
version: 3.2
Screenshots Parallels HDD Recovery Wizard
Parallels HDD Recovery Wizard screenshot 1 Parallels HDD Recovery Wizard
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3.2 : nov 06.2017
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Parallels HDD Recovery Wizard by BitRecover Software