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PSD Converter Wizard

Nov 13.2017 / graphic / tools
PSD Converter Software designed to convert Photoshop Document PSD file into multiple file formats and the tool easily export PSD files into multiple formats such as PSD to PDF, PSD to DOC, PSD to DOCX, PSD to XLS, PSD to HTML, PSD to JPG, PSD to GIF, PSD to BMP, PSD to PNG, PSD to TIFF. PSD Image Converter is an advanced tool designed for PSD file format conversion into popular types of images such as jpg, bmp, gif and many others without any image properties changes. PSD converter utility software comes up with multiple features by which users can easily performs the PSD converter task in less consumption of time. The software able to convert PSD documents files into various word processing file format like DOCX, PDF, DOC and HTML etc.

PSD Converter Software comes with Batch PSD conversion mode, with this mode users can easily convert multiple PSD files into various file format without any problem and data changes. The software is also able to convert multilayer PSD files into DF format with maintain the layer and PSD image integrity. Users can add multiple file at same time and convert into various file format with using Add folder option, with this option users can convert unlimited numbers of PSD file into PDF and multiple file format. Users can easily save multiple PSD to PDF Adobe format and merge Photoshop files to PDF format without reducing the quality. PSD migration software is capable to maintain the PSD image properties during conversion like size, image quality, pixel of image, colours, text, effects of images, etc. during PSD conversion.

Batch migration of PSD files into PDF Adobe and multiple files format is also possible by using this software to selecting the complete PSD files data and PSD multiplayer or converts into PDF and multiple images file formats without any inconvenience. This software will not only reduce the time of users but also the efforts to do easily convert bulk PSD files into PDF format without any data loss. Photoshop Converter supports all latest as well as previous editions of Windows Operating Systems include latest version Windows 10 and both instruction set like x86 or x64 versions. Users can also try a trial version are able to convert few PSD files and after users get satisfaction by this tool users can easily switch to the licensed version tool.
Screenshots PSD Converter Wizard
PSD Converter Wizard screenshot 1 PSD Converter Wizard
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PSD Converter Wizard by BitRecover Software