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Smart PC

windows / system / cleaner / Aug 17.2018
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Over time leftover files, invalid short cuts and other junk items start to build up on your PC taking up valuable disk space and cluttering your PC.

Did you know that as you surf the web information and often pictures are being collected on your computer that tell people where you have been and the sites you have visited? This information, as well as the history of recently accessed files, temporary files and items in your recycle bin can leave a trail of private information for anybody looking for it. Smart PC finds and removes privacy risks from your PC helping ensure that your private information stays secure.

Optimize your computer settings to ensure that your PC is always working in the fastest most efficient way possible. With Smart PC you have the choice of customizing your settings or simply going with our recommendations for optimal performance speeds.

Smart PC finds and removes junk files and broken short cuts which build up on your PC over time taking up valuable disk space.

Does it take forever for your computer to load windows? Removing programs from your windows startup menu will improve the start time of your PC. Smart PCs startup manager makes it easy to identify and remove unwanted programs from your startup menu. Startup and shutdown times can be improved dramatically when just a few programs are removed from the startup menu.
* Find and remove unnecessary registry entries
* Find and remove potential privacy risks including downloaded cookies, search histories and more.
* Remove junk files which build up over time and slow down your PC
* Optimize your windows, internet and security settings
* Improve you computer startup times by removing programs from your startup menu
Versions Smart PC
ver: 6.1 / Jul 18.2018
Screenshots Smart PC
Smart PC screenshot 1 Smart PCSmart PC screenshot 2 Smart PCSmart PC screenshot 3 Smart PCSmart PC screenshot 4 Smart PC
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6.1 : jul 18.2018
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Smart PC by Smart PC Solutions, Inc